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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  August 14, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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riot police are sweeping through the streets with tear gas and armored cars. this is nbc's richard engel in the middle of it all earlier this morning. >> reporter: clearly using live ammunition and firing into the side streets p.m. front line positions between protesters and security forces all over cairo and this one looks like it is about to get very ugly. >> also this morning, a u.p.s. car owe plane in a fiery crash in birmingham, alabama. the pilot and co-pilot is dead. the ntsb is investigating what happened. kickoff to the rnc summer meeting, what is the strategy moving forward for republicans? we will talk to the rnc's communication director coming up opinion. but we begin with the violence in cairo. amman is joining us live. you and others have been urging the government.
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obviously, they decided not to wait any longer. >> reporter: that's correct, chris. in fact, can you probably see this road behind me. this is one of cairo's major highways here. in fact, it's supposed to be busy this time of day as people go home from work. you can see behind me it's rather empty because a few minutes ago, a state of emergency was declared across the country according to egyptian presidency. what that means it will give police and the government here the authority to carry out all kinds of emergency laws. more importantly, how that is going to be interpreted in the coming days and hours with those being arrested and particularly with those that are in many of these protest locations. it is going to be extremely alarming for human rights activists. the egyptian police earlier today move in 7:30 a.m. local time and cleared these two areas that were supporting the former president mohammed morsi and led to the type of violence we are seeing unfold. the concern among security
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officials and many across the country the violence we are seeing or what was expected to happen as a result of this is somewhat splintering beyond the capital and other provinces and cities across the country. the denial toll currently is 95 killed and 800 wounded. but concerning the muslim brotherhood and their supporters they say the death toll is expected to reach as many as 300 people in the coming hours. many of the bodies of those killed remain in field hospitals and morgues and that have not been officially transported to the ministry of health facilities where they are documented. it is a volatile situation unfolding and one exacerbated by this emergency law declared by the government and in its statement the presidency says it has also authorized the country's armed forces to augment the police in imposing law and order. what role the army plays now in the arrest of citizens and containing the security situation unfolding all of those
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are going to be important questions in the coming hours. >> what would you expect to see based on what we have known in the past and based on the statement you got? what would you expect to see in the coming hours? >> the major concern is going to be with those that are already in the custody of the military and, more importantly, how they deal with civil unrest. could they impose a curfew? that hasn't been declared yet but will be a prerogative of the military police and could control the movement of the cities and states in egypt. more importantly the citizens arrested will they be tried in military courts or state security courts? right now, since the end of the revolution back in 2011, one of the nominal gains has been the end of emergency law, but the fact it is now reinstated is going to be a cause of concern for many political organizations, certainly about -- concerns with freedom. perhaps one of the most underlying question is what the government intends to do with
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the muslim brotherhood as an organization. they have been one of the major supporters of the anti-coup alliance which is the umbrella organization that is opposed to what they call the queue against morsi and as a result of that they are perhaps going to be disbanded. there has been some speculation that the military and the current interim government will move ahead and disband the muslim brotherhood in a move reversed in 2011. there is growing concern as to what type of maneuvers the interim government, backed by the military and the police, will do against political parties. the arrest of civilians and to try to restore law and order here. >> amman, thank you so much. we want to bring in robin wright terrorism expert and ambassador mark ginsburg. you called this when we speak to this program just yesterday. your exact words were that this is an inevitable confrontation.
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now we have a state of emergency and 95 and main hundreds of people dead. your reaction to what we have seen unfold so far today. >> put this in the context that is necessary. the vast majority of the egyptian support what the military is doing here. yet, at the same time, no doubt we have to recall the muslim brotherhood had renounced violence after the assassination of president sadat and led to the split of the more radical movements in egypt and muslim brotherhood. the question as a result of what we have seen so far, will the muslim brotherhood revert back and adopt violence and that could lead to the type of situation that we saw in the '80s where egypt was constantly under martial law and constantly under terrorist attack from within. >> how concerned are you about the statement from the
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president's office that the military will be used to augment peace? >> no doubt pictures we are not seeing yet but the fact of the matter is the muslim brotherhood is prevalent across most of egypt and the violence we have seen has not been one-sided. there has been violence by both sides and that will continue. >> robin, the visit to cairo last week by senators graham and mccain which was to urge the egyptian government, among other things, to release brotherhood prisoners ended with a rejection of any u.s. involvement. senator graham said after that visit his worst nightmare is that egypt fails because egypt failing is al qaeda's greatest hope. is senator graham right? >> well, i don't think we are at the point where al qaeda is winning in egypt. far from it. but i do think that this is an enormous setback for the democratic transition not only in egypt but across the middle east. this takes egypt back to the mubarak era. you have military rule. a state of emergency that gives
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kind of unprecedented or carte blanche powers to the army and this is not going to do well in healing the deep divide within egyptian society. it also will set back egypt's relationships with the outside world. the united states and europe has worked very hard to try to resolve this peaceful to prevent what has happened the last 12 hours to try to bring the muslim brotherhood into the political process to make sure it feelses include and it feels represented like all egyptians and that there are fragmented members that might think about taking alternative courses of action. so this is the worst case scenario and it's tragic to see this happen really. >> why do you think this is happening now? one suggestion has been that just yesterday the military appointed a government. 19 generals and one well known for refusing to protect morsi
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supporters. another in 2001 threatened protesting teachers and they could be heard begging for their lives. what did that development mean and what does it mean for the future of egypt? >> i think it's yet another signal that the military is really in control and while it's pointed an interim government, it's quite clear that the interim government is not having as much influence, including people who had been friendly to the outside world and it actually engaged with the muslim brotherhood. this is a turning point for egypt and the military has signaled it will broker no opposition either inside the country or pressure from the outside world. i suspect this will put a lot of pressure on congress to reconsider the 1.5 billion aid that it gives to egypt, both in military and development aid. >> one thing to watch very closely in addition to what is happening there in cairo. robin wright and ambassador marc ginsburg, thank you both. >> sure. birmingham alabama mayor say the pilot and co-pilot of u.p.s. cargo plane are dead.
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the plane went down in a fiery blaze after 6:00 eastern time this morning close to the birmingham airport. investigators from the ntsb are headed to recover the black box. nbc's tom costello is at reagan national airport. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we know this was an airbus a-300 coming to to land at birmingham 6:00 a.m. eastern time and coming from louisville, kentucky. their main cargo operation. this plane never made it to the runway and crashed on an approach in a field outside the airport. told no nearby structures involved and told from authorities with the city that, in fact, both the pilot and the co-pilot died. there were no other passengers on board this plane. this was a cargo ship and so, of course, all you had were the pilot and the co-pilot. this reminds us of two recent plane crashes. one of them was in 2010 in which a u.p.s. plane in dubai crashed
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and in that case they believe because of a fire caused by lithium batteries. earlier this year another cargo plane ship crashed not u.p.s. but another plane in afghanistan crashed because of a cargo shift inside the plane that caused significant weight imbalance. we don't know the cause of this crash yet. the ntsb has a go team now on the way to birmingham. they should be on the scene sometime this afternoon. as of now the police and fire department have the cash scene cordoned off. they are investigating the crash. 6:00 a.m. eastern time, 5:00 central. it appears the pilot and co-pilot died. we will have more as we get it throughout the day. >> tom, thank you for that update. right now israelis and palestinians holding first formal peace talks in jerusalem in nearly five years but starting on shaky ground. despite israel's release of 26 palestinian prisoners yesterday,
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this morning, rnc is kicking off its summer meeting. the theme? making it happen. one of the things they would like to make happen is win back the senate and the presidency. chris christie and newt gingrich and scott brown some of the big speakers but before things have started the rnc gave this research memo to politico taking shots that their counterparts at dnc saying the democrats have taken a hit because there are two competing organizations. the dnc and the president's grassroots organization obama for america.
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sean spicer is the communications director for the rnc. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> dnc spokesman says an odd way to start your meeting by attacking them. he says your only message is they don't like us. what do you that i so them? >> i think we are talking about this week is a fundamental shift we had in our party after the last election when we looked at the tactics and techniques it takes to win and put a permanent ground game in place around the country of more staffers now that will live and breathe in each of the states making relationships building connections and helping our candidates and second is making our party completely centered on digital and technology advances that benefit the entire party. the difference, chris, is this. what we are doing is a fundamental shift for a party. we are building a party send tri sent rick change here. what ofa did was built a fantastic operation that was great for one candidate who is sort of like one use only.
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and it has done so at the expense of the cdn. the dnc is $18 million in debt and all of the resources and efforts are going to continue the ofa effort leaving the dnc for dead which is going to put their 2016 nominee in a very difficult situation. >> let's talk about your effort. you talked about techniques and strategies. the autopsy that came back after the election by you folks showed, quote, public perception of the party is at record lows. young voters are increasely rolling their eyes at what the party represents and many minorities think they do not like them or want them in the country. when someone rolls their eyes to us they are not likely to open their ears to us. what indication is there that you've made inroads, especially with minorities? >> we have hired a tremendous amount of folks here at the rnc that we call our engagement team. that are not living and working
7:17 am
in d.c. but rather living and working in communities that frankly we have neglected in the past. major areas of hispanics or asian communities. >> let me ask you about one of those pockets. in may we heard you switch parties what is going on with immigration. a lot of house members resistant to any kind of immigration reform and congressman steve king saying immigrants have calves the size of cantaloupes because they are running drugs. >> when a guy didn't get a job he made a public statement i'm witching parties. i think that had to do with income than our party. the fact of the matter is we have made tremendous gains and putting people out on a staff and building relationships that are going to benefit our entire party. are there people in our party that sometimes go off?
7:18 am
absolutely. that's impossible. the dnc has an answer for bob filner and anthony weiner and eliot spitzer, et cetera, et cetera. we will create the best tactics and techniques and field operation and engagement contact and digital and technical operation that will benefit our candidates so they can explain why a conservative fits all the agendas. >> will you support in wyoming over lynne cheney? >> didn't you back charlie crist? >> no, we didn't. the nrsc, the senatorial committee. >> some are concerned and put out a statement saying --
7:19 am
talking about that. >> okay. the nrsc the has in the past gotten involved with elections and changes from cycle to cycle and recurrent policy which is the majority of their policy is back incumbents. they are backing senator enzi. our party is largely at the campaign level and backs incumbents. the rnc has a rule that prohibits us from getting involved in primaries unless there is a vote of the three officials that -- from that state to grant a waiver. >> so let me just make sure i understand what you're saying. the people from wyoming have said they are going to come to this meeting where you are right now and they basically are going to say we want you to stay out of this. but since he is the incumbent will you back senator enzi? >> i'm going to explain this to you again. a rule that says rule 11 is online on the website that existed forever. it says the rnc cannot get involved in primaries unless the three members, national committee woman and national committee man and the state chairman, all unanimously agree
7:20 am
for a waiver. if it that occurs then the rnc can get involved in that situation. barring that we are prohibited from doing that. >> so if the wyoming state chair says no, then you stay out of it? it's that simple? >> it fall three, any one of those three object, yes, then we stay out of. however, as a pointed out, the senatorial committee and national committee can set how they much to govern their campaigns. from a national party standpoint we have to follow the rules that our grassroots vote on. >> we see some split in the republican party and i'm wondering what the sense of it is there, sean. it seemed for a while it was tea party versus the establishment, members of your party leadership even talked about that. now it seems like the libertarian wing is almost breaking off and picking up steam led by rand paul. how will you address that at this gathering? >> well, i think we have got -- frankly at the end of the day this is a party that welcomes
7:21 am
all of those factions you just mentioned. we are better and stronger and can only win when all of those people are together working as one for a common goal. you saw the effect that the tea party and the folks in the liberty movement had in 2010. wus being able to take back the house. and they are an important and increasingly vocal part of our party critical for us to keep an eye on and make sure we are listening to them. they are the folks out there knocking on the doors and sending posting things on facebook and sending things on twitter. so there is room for everyone. this is not an either/or situation. >> sean spicer, communications director for the republican national committee, good to see you. >> thank you. the wild race for new york city mayor has taken another turn. former councilman bill de blasio has jumped into first place in a new quinnipiac university poll but thoint wanthony weiner stil dominating the conversation.
7:22 am
the other candidates last night steered clear of giving him any more attention. >> i think it's very clear to all new yorkers that neither me, nor anybody else on this stage, or any new yorker, quite frankly, should be lectured by anthony weiner about what we need to apologize for tonight or ever. >> i don't want to talk about anthony and that is not why i'm here tonight. >> i've made very clear that mr. weiner should step aside for the good of the city because we need to debate on the issues. >> the race could change more before the september 10th primary. just 46% of voters say they have definitely settled on a candidate. ♪ i'm a hard, hard worker every day. ♪
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a landslide victory in the primary puts cory booker one step closer to becoming new jersey's first black senator. >> make me your senator, new jersey! and my place to you is that i will be unwavering in my focus when finding common ground and
7:26 am
making the things necessary that need to get done for our state. >> booker will face steve lonagan. he is blasting booker as the candidate anointed by hollywood. speaking of hollywood. jennifer garner says her husband ben affleck may ditch movies for politics right now but he thinks now he can do more good outside the system. >> no service at hooters for san diego mayor bob filner. four different san diego locations have posted signs saying they won't serve him. filner is still on the job after now at least 14 women have accused him of sexual harassment. here is the instagram photo more 15,000 people have liked. bo, the white house dog, with the caption stop trying to make fesh happ fetch happen. it's a reference to "the mean girls." and it vent viral. which uses more energy?
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and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ i win! what's in your wallet? while oprah winfrey is promoting her new movie "the butler." the woman can sell anything from books and movies to soaps and sweaters is stepping back into the politics and recently host ago fund-raiser for cory booker and weighing in with "morning joe" on the trayvon martin case. >> trayvon is the emma till of our era. i'm sure you had that conversation with your sewn. >> son. >> i have and it's an embarrassing conversation. >> i'm joined by craig and
7:31 am
christopher. good to see you both. good morning. >> good morning. >> we haven't seen a lot of oprah in terms of politics since her high profile endorsement of president obama. she has openly endorsed just a few politicians, most recently we said cory booker. on a local level, michael tubbs was a 21-year-old who won a city council seat in stockton, last year. what do you think of that? >> i think the first thing to realize is oprah's first entry into politics was the 2008 election. before that she had no sort of large role in the american political scene and my work has shown she did have a large influence on president obama's electoral fortunes. i think she sort of carefully wading in where she thinks she be kbe of use and make a difference. she selects candidates she feel she has a personal connection to and has had a number of interviews with mayor booker and i think she is looking to influence the election in new
7:32 am
jersey if not directly through votes then through helping him with his fund-raising efforts. >> just about everything she touches, let's not kid ourselves, has turned to gold. 54 million books were sold as a result of her book club. her talk show used to get 48 million viewers a week and "o" magazine 2.4 million readers monthly. if anything to keep her out of the political realm i think if she frankly says she is busy with her network that has struggled. >> it just turned profitable and she is winning again there. i think oprah at the end much day is backing politicians right now. i think she is making a big buzz because of this film. she is a genius when it comes to marketing something and it's no coincider her books and show is so successful is because she knows when to talk about certain things and make people think about her. >> so she says something about trayvon or if she says something else, maybe she answers questions about -- >> the movie.
7:33 am
it goes back to the movie. the first time on the big screen in 15 years. and getting critical acclaim for it. it's an amazing movie and there are a lot of things that bring up historical points we reference in the past. racial discrimination and segregation and her talking about not being able to buy a bag in switzerland goes back to "the butler" again. >> you mentioned you have quantified oprah's endorsement of president obama, what? about a million votes for him in the democratic primary? although her favor ability with the public did drop in 2008. some analysts have said that the endorsement resulted in a drop of ratings for her show. what did you finally conclude about the value of her endorsement politically? >> as we all area, the '08 primary was a competitive election between then senator clinton and senator obama. we do find she is popular for a million additional votes in this primary so she was a very important fact for the success of president obama in that time
7:34 am
period. but as you say, it's not clear that this was comerlmercially something good for her to do. she is very careful with her image and such she doesn't get involved in a lot of controversial topics or tries not so so we can remain popular to a broad swath of people so when she remainses in politics she is taking a risk. >> some people would like her to get more involved in obama care supporting these issues and we know she cares about. is there any in the two years she gave up her show she has lost influence? >> i think oprah still has this authenticity and familiarity where she comes across where everybody feels they know her. when she dives into politics and certain issues you believe her and believe she has really thought this out and it's true to her. oprah is like a royal person.
7:35 am
>> christopher witherspoon from gri,.com and craig of kell logs school of management, thanks to you as well. a deadly hostage standoff in rural louisiana left one victim dead and another in critical condition at this hour. police say the suspect took three people hostage at a bank and letting one go unharmed and shooting the other two. police then shot and killed the suspect. police say the suspect was a parano paranoid schizophrenic who was mad at people. in one post, hannah anderson claimed suspect james dimaggio, quote, had a gun and threatened to kill her and anyone who tried to help. when asked if she is glad dimaggio was killed by police, "the post" simply says, absolutely. in another post, she said, he deserved what he got. all this from ask-fm which is like a news conference on a
7:36 am
website. the account in hannah's name had been inactive starting the day she disappeared and then came alive again on monday after she returned to california. still neither the police nor the andersons have confirmed that these answers are directly from hannah. a big before the accident for ga gays in the military. soldiers stationed in states same-sex marriage is illegal will offer ten days leave to travel to a state where they can get married. ohio gun instructor accidentally shot one of his students while teaching a class for people trying to get permits to carry concealed weapons. the 73-year-old was demonstrating a 38 caliber pistol when it went off. a 26-year-old student was hit in the arm. he was taken to the hospital, treat, and relieved. trouble for the detroit p.d. a police commander accidentally
7:37 am
included female officers height, weight, and bra sizeses when he e-mailed out information involving bullet proof vest orders and it went to the whole department. the assistant police chief calls the incident unfortunate and embarrassing. have you seen this viral video? this one from space. this was recently posted a video of her washing her hair on youtube and didn't take long for it to take off, pardon the pun! and she talked about it on the "today" show. >> i was amazed how many people asked me how i wash my hair. i guess it is unusual. many women in the past flown on short did your rigs and long duration commission and it is fascinating for folks so i thought i would answer that question by showing. >> she uses dry shampoo and a little bit of water that gets recycled back into the space
7:38 am
station's processing system. cnbc kayla is here with what is moving your money. kayla, this is a decision with a big impact on flyer's bottom line? >> it is. i think it was a big surprise to everyone when that news came in a lawsuit filed yesterday by the department of justice. the deal between us air and american was struck last year while american airlines was existing bankruptcy and this was its ticket back to health. regulators said consumers would spend hundreds of millions more on flights each year. they spend $70 billion already. us air and american airlines 25% market share of all seats on planes and d.o.j. says reagan national airport have 70% of all gates calling it a near monopoly but many airline mergers have already taken. but many industry observers say the industry is so consolidated at this point maybe another deal can't happen. us and american for their part say they will fight the justice
7:39 am
department's lawsuit and will try to get the deal through. >> this next story i'm slightly obje obsessed with because i travel a lot and in rental cars and can't find where the different things are but now audi has an app for that? >> i'm not sure how often you're renting an audi. >> that's true. never! >> we wonder what the bells and whistles in our cars do. audi owners will have an app for that. a-3 model with a tour guide of more than 300 parts and if you don't know what you're looking for or on you see an unfamiliar symbol, use your iphone camera take a picture and it will help you identify it. the idea is get rid of the car owner's manual. i don't know about you but i've never opened mine either in my own car or a rental. it's thick and daunting. they are worried people will steal them, right? >> what are you going to do with
7:40 am
it? kayla, i think all cars should be required to have that. i think it's awesome. >> i agree. the first naem family is eng time off at martha's vineyard. the republicans all owned their vacation get-aways and the democrats rented. the reagan's california ranch sold for $5 million in 1998. the main home at george h.w. bush compound in kennebunkport, maine, worth $8 million. the clintons spent two summers at steven spielberg's east hampton home estimated worth $45 million. george w. bush bought his crawford ranch in 1999 for over a million. obamas staying at 7.6 million estate in martha's vineyard. senior year of high school, i was promoted to
7:41 am
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. a warning that men who suffer from restless leg syndrome or rls, you may have a higher mortality rate than your peers and new data from a harvard school study of 18,000 men show rls patients had a 40% higher risk for early death. researchers plan more studies to determine why. new movement in the fight over raising the minimum wage. this week, a maryland congressman proposed a higher minimum wage in his state and california put its plan for a hike on hold. grabbing the headlines an oklahoma lawmaker who suggests that a hike could quadruple the price of a burger. >> you can charge them. you can raise the minimum wage 20 bucks an hour but the people who want to do this they do understand. you got to pass it on. >> 20 bucks for a hamburger at
7:45 am
mcdonald's? fast food workers protesting low wages around the country, america's number two retail giant costco pays workers, on average, over $20 an hour. so how do they do it? i'm joined by doorian warren, a democratic strategist who worked on president obama's '04 campaign and also an associate prefer at columbia. good to see you. >> thank you. >> average pay at mcdonald's 8 bucks and walmart 13 and costco 20 plus. how do they do it? >> simple philosophy the founder and the last ceo and current ceo adhere to still. you treat your workers and your customers well. you're going to do very wlt and they ha well and they have lived by that philosophy and as a result much less turnover and they average turnover rate in the industry is 34% and costco is lower.
7:46 am
>> wow. president obama has sung the praises of costco. let me play something from a speech a little while back. >> we will need our businesses with some of the best in the world to pressure congress and invest in our future and i'll be asking our businesses to set an example by providing decent wages and salaries to their own employees. i'm going to highlight the ones that do just that. companies like costco which pays good wages and offers good benefits. >> as i was reading about this and reading costco employees, forklift operator been there 20 years and said i not only can pay my bills and send my kid to school but i'm socking away a little bit of money. we do know that they do seem to have higher satisfaction, witness the 17% turnover rate but do we know how that translates to profits? >> costco has outperformed sam's club which is its direct rival. >> which is a walmart company.
7:47 am
>> it is a walmart company but the direct competitor of costco and same structure in membership fees to walk in the store. >> the argument to this groups have made saying the reason costco makes a profit is she charge you $55 to join. >> if that is the case sam's club should be out there kicking costco's butt. costco is outperforming sam's club for ten years now. the post recession, walmart has stayed flat and sam's club has stayed flat. >> we have sought to provide our employees a good wage along with high quality, affordable health benefits for our implies and families and believe it's not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense. you can look at the direct comparison with sam's club. but is there any indication that the same kind of formula would work for, say, fast food, mcdonald's, wendy's? >> it's worth an experiment.
7:48 am
chip olte is one and trader joe's is another one. when you provide the customer with a good experience because you're treating your employees well and they take pride in their work it's a win/win for everybody. you can still be profitable and provide a good product or service. costco, chipolte and trader's joe are showing the high road is a model that work and to the detractors you don't have to rely on treating workers poorly. in fact, it saves us as taxpayers money. we subsidize the low road walmart model and costco employees toof to rely on government benefits in the same way. >> 20 dollar hamburger? >> that a little bit of a stretch. maybe $5 but not $20. >> put on your political hat in addition to your economist hat kind of thing. how does this happen? because, boy, the pushback has been tremendous. >> well, we had in the last round the minimum wage fight in congress, the ceo of costco writing a letter to the
7:49 am
president saying, i agree with raising the minimum wage for everybody, because guess what? if he pays his workers more per hour in their stores, they are going to buy more things from his stores most likely before they go home after work. you get more demands for goods and services and it's good for workers because they can make a living wage and provide for their families. >> doorian warren, good to have out the program. >> thanks so much, chris. >> today's tweet of the day from cory booker. newly minted democratic senate candidate from new jersey. he tweeted a quote. piglet noticed even though had he a small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude. thanks to all who helped. eep ane on my spicy buffalo wheat thins. who's gonna take your wheat thins? i don't know. an intruder, the dog, bigfoot. could you get the light? [ loud crash ] what is going on?! honey, i was close! it's a yeti! [ male announcer ] must! have! wheat thins!
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avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today.
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the most famous new dad in the world prince william got off diaper duty to make his first official remarks today since the birth of his son prince george. >> he is pretty loud and, of course, extremely good looking.
7:53 am
i have to say that i thought such duties were physically demanding but looking after a 3-week-old baby is right up there. >> the prince was at an agricultural fair to say thanks and farewell to the small island community where he has lived for years. joining me is royal watcher stig able. how did the prince look to you? >> he looked pretty tired but that's what you expect from a new dad. i got two young kids myself is the way i explain the bags under my eyes. he very charming and full of jokes and self-consciously charming with people. i i think he was on good form. >> he's a charming, very charming guy. i love the enthusiasm and the understanding of being a new dad. but he about to embark on a new part of his life. if he is leaving north wales, is he going to leave the service?
7:54 am
are we going to see more of him in an official capacity? what is the talk over there? >> he's leaving engles y which is nice private place for them. he is a long way away from anywhere and long way from london. that is nice from him. he is coming back to london where his family is based and probably will take another role in the military in the space in london which has less duties and able him to do more royal duties. the queen is now getting relatively old. prince philip has been unwell. they are trying to reduce the role of their plays and william is right there ready to take it. i suspect he'll be wanting to imp come back to london and have the military life going but more time to devote to his royal duties. >> before they can settle in what they hope is their newly
7:55 am
remodeled apartment. this is the first time prince phillip's chance to meet the baby? >> people are asking where he is prince phillip. a slight concern he hasn't been very well and sighting of him recently. very health concerns around him. i think he will be scaling back everything he does and the queen probably will spend more time with him so they go off and try to be a normal family with a young baby which is a lot of fun as everyone who has a kid knows. you take them to the parents and grandparents there is one to be had there and he will be doing more royal duties and they will try to make use of him. >> stig, good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> that wraps up this hour of jansing and co. i'm chris jansing. thomas roberts is up next. >> do you think -- they call them nappies?
7:56 am
>> yes. he says he has changed the nappies. he says. >> he's a good guy. i bet harry will learn how to do it too. >> no. >> no. >> i don't think so. does harry you strike you as a nappy kind of guy? >> chris, thanks so much. a lot to come up in the next hour. breaking news out of egypt. 95 killed in clashes. this morning a security forces try to stamp out protests by pro morsi supporters and we have live on the ground in cairo. a slug fest that is new york city's mayoral debate. a third snags the lead in a new poll. folks are wondering is it because of the candidate's son and his hair? we are going to take a look at that. also a dying african-american teen added to his hospital's transplant list after first getting rejected to media attention and outrage lead to the doctor's change of heart?
7:57 am
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here is what we are watching this hour on msnbc. the ntsb has just arrived on the design scene of a deadly cargo plane crash in birmingham, laem alabama. a teen rescued after an amber alert is revealing details of her abduction and family's murder online. a georgia teen kept off a life saving transplant list is added to the top of the list. what added to the hospital's abrupt change of heart? we will talk about that and more. topping the agenda today, the breaking news deadly clashes in cairo and the death toll could range from 95 to several hundred. it's a big disparity because of the clashes this morning in egypt. security forces stormed to protest camps that were set up by supporters of the


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